How to get Gas Fee (AVAX) on Avalanche Network

Get AVAX from Centralize Exchange (CEX) platforms

The price for purchasing AVAX varies depending on the CEX you choose. Select the best one for your preferences. In this tutorial, we will select Binance to buy AVAX.

Step 1: Purchasing AVAX on Binance

Follow this link below for instructions on how you can purchase AVAX on Binance

Step 2: Transfer AVAX from Binance to your wallet

Follow our guide on how you can withdraw AVAX to your Avalanche wallet

How To Transfer Tokens From Centralized Exchange Platforms (CEX) To Your Wallet

Once succeeded, check out your Metamask wallet to see if the funds have arrived at your Avalanche wallet address.

Do note that some tokens require you to import first in order to view them on your wallet.

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