How To Transfer Token From Other Networks to Fantom

A token bridge is a way to transfer your tokens between different blockchains.

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1. Before the "bridge"


  • You will need to have a wallet (Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc.) to bridge. For this, check out our tutorial on "How To Set Up Your Wallet On Fantom".

  • You will need the current and destination chain's native gas token to pay for transaction fees.

Below are several popular bridging services:

Be aware that NOT all tokens are supported to bridge at a certain bridge provider. If the token you wished to transfer does not show up in the bridging option, please consider using another bridging service available at the table above. Also, you can read through their documents about the supported networks and tokens to select the best bridge that suit your purposes

Please inform yourself that the demonstration below is NOT the ONE AND ONLY solution & you might find another better bridge for your preference. By the time watching this tutorial, the service providers may have changed the procedures and fees. Therefore, we recommend you to do your own research first to select the best service upon your preferences.

2. Using EVODeFi

Several Dapps offer Bridge function from Cougar Ecosystem existing networks to Fantom network. However, to educate new users, in this tutorial we will select EVODefi - a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform, to bridge stablecoin ($USDC) from BSC network (due to its widely supported nature) to Fantom network.

Step 1. Go to EVODeFi website

Step 2. Select "BSC Mainnet"

Even now EVODefi bridge interface has changed, the procedures remain identical.

Step 3. Connect to MetaMask

Step 4. Select "USDC" in the Deposit Bar

Step 5. Input amount of USDC to deposit

Step 6. Select "Approve"

Step 7. Confirm transaction in MetaMask

You can check out the status of the bridginng process at the "History" tab right next to the "Send" tab.

Once succeeded, check out your Metamask wallet to see if the funds have arrived on your Fantom wallet address.

Do note that some tokens require you to import first in order to view it on your wallet.

Thank you for your time reading this. We hope you find this useful. Please check out other sections for your information about the project. Cheers! 😉🥳

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