The Cougar Launchpad is the decentralized Initial Farm Offering (IFO) platform. It will be a playground for users to invest in new startup cryptocurrency projects.

With this method, not only financing for the asset is obtained but also generating liquidity for the token trade. Investors, in addition to getting the token at a pre-sale price, get an extra return for providing this liquidity.🚀

Bearing in mind that financing is essential for any project blockchain or not, it is necessary to establish what type of system will be used to receive capital from investors and that can generate the necessary confidence.

Cougar Launchpad Knowledge

IFOs are available for a very limited time. Get ready ahead of the event to make sure you can participate!

Before the IFO: Each project will require a different commit token like WCRO, USDC, CGS. Please check it on our launchpad.​

Knowing when an IFO will start

The IFO is a limited-time event, only lasting one hour. You'll want to check the time to make sure you don’t miss out!​

During Sale: Let's commit your Tokens to the Launchpad pool. You will spend them to buy the tokens being sold.

The more you commit, the more you will get an allocation.

After the IFO finish: you can claim any IFO tokens that you bought, and any unspent your committed fund (CGS, WCRO, USDC) will be returned to your wallet. Moreover, you can use your new tokens in farms on CougarSwap.​

What happens if the Launchpad doesn't raise all the funds targeted?The sale will proceed as normal, and all funds contributed will be spent.​

Total token for sale


USD per token


Amount to be raised


Actual Funds received


Your committed funds


Your portion of total fund received


Your IFO tokens purchased


USD Cost of your IFO tokens purchased


Fund returned to you


Apply your project here: https://forms.gle/UNhhuUfuw24uwNdV7

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