FantomCougarSwap - A part of the Cougar ecosystem - The futuristic generation Yield Farming strategies built on Fantom Chain features at the highest stability and security level.

How does Cougar Ecosystem operate?

Implemented by a team with in-depth blockchain experience. CougarSwap is a long-term DeFi project that has been on the market since May 2021, with the initial BSC successfully deployed we have now held the reputation as one of the most prestigious cross-chain projects in the DeFi market. The DApp (Decentralized Application) was designed with the purpose of bringing users a core benefit of easily accessing one of the most adequate financial frameworks and modules on which the Cougar ecosystem is built. In other words, interoperable Cougar Decentralized Applications constructed on multiple public blockchain networks have the potential to create an entirely diverse and distinctive community-driven platform.


We revolved an unparalleled DApp for performing financial functions on digital ledgers applied the most contemporary blockchain networks directly put participant requirements integrated by our pragmatic smart contracts that consolidate the main concept of Cougar Token-based economics (CGS). Ultimately, it stipulates the real use case presents in the optimally-widespread investment activities for a leading multi-chains DeFi platform.

CougarSwap relies on the unique algorithm in association with well-known smart contract parties for choosing an underlying one or many blockchain networks that can handle heavy users demand. The most expected transparency is only guaranteed by the establishment of actual use for CGS tokens. In other words, once it is purposely used it will bring permanent value for holders remain in a long-term project for any individual who participated in the whole CougarSwap Ecosystem. The technology behind CougarSwap has seen several impactful updates brought by the most significant changes coming with the meta-liquidity mechanism relates to capital efficiency. Most projects are very capital inefficient because the majority of the funds sitting in them at any given moment are not being fully used. This is due to an inherent characteristic relating uniquely within a singular blockchain network, therefore liquidity providers are more concentrated. However, CougarSwap aggregated offering an optimized Yield Farming program for users by taking the absolute advantages available on the many blockchain platforms to combine into a competitive project in the DeFi markets.

  • Initiated by advanced Yield Farming Strategies generated upon multi-chain aggregated asset protocol pioneered CougarSwap advancements to become a blockchain-divergent project in the future supported smart contracts and incapable of interchangeable funds around quite a lot of different protocols in search for high yields APR to grow cross-chain strategic value, so CGS Token can identify the mass adoption of CGS Token in-between others project as a valuable token. Participation across the blockchain networks within the project allocates more resources into the whole ecosystem bring more liquidity, utilizing infrastructure logically increases the benefits of native token that follows the mainstream standards for Cougar Ecosystem. Especially, Cougar is strongly interested in yield farming schemes to attract liquidity combined with a simple method of bootstrapping automatically Yield returns with Auto-Compounding contracts (the VAULT) will maximize your profits.

  • Completely oriented to become a representative project, we now understand that every CougarSwap user is unique because you are now represented our composability with new types of derivative products. The improvement at a whole must go steady with investment shifting in between blockchain networks, this requires an in-depth cross-compatibility to increase even more the cross-chain liquidity, in theory, any peer-to-peer swap could constitute a decentralized transaction as a result we will focus on the platform that competes with one of the most notable Decentralized Exchanges that generates lowest impact price for users. After months of research incredible development about the peculiarity of a multi-chain ecosystem with its own unique application, security, and user base. CougarSwap will demonstrate the exclusive architecture requires an interchangeable for disparate networks for the whole Cougar ecosystem evolved faster throughput, cheaper transactions, better communities with Cougar Bridge, it gives users access to new platforms, protocols to interact with, and our developers to fully assisted the entire market.

  • There are more and more new challenges to come, we ensure the continuous development of the project with a team of experienced in many fields that combine to start a complete efficiency ecosystem, which grows fully transparent decentralized finance provides outstanding features far beyond the traditional decentralized financial system. It will be a clear demonstration of the effective use of Tokens in the formation of using CGS tokens in programmable GAMES, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) referred to as crypto-collectibles, expand the project in a numerous experimented variety of use cases. Especially, Cougar Mobile Wallet, Launchpad, and the revolutionary innovation features that have been tested and will be included in the Cougar ecosystem in the nearest future.

The Cougar Token

The Cougar token (CGS) is a multi-chain compatible utility token structured for Cougar Ecosystem. The principle to the deployment of CougarSwap is the fact that all liquidity pairs exchange tokens with $CGS token. This design determination makes full use of the absolute on-chain advantages that allow for sub-transfer of value across chains and provides larger liquidity for the whole ecosystem and brings the most profitable investment solutions within networks.

Team & Advisors

CougarSwap is currently composed of core team members with intensive experience in blockchain networks and constructive solutions applicable for decentralized finance. Our roots are technical experts in JavaScript, Solidity, and all the code-things about blockchain. We are geeks who strongly believe in this project and have spent thousands of hours working on initial refinement and the visions of this project. We are always committed to delivering the best technology and the best profitable investment portfolios to our supportive community.

Highlight Features:

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